The Big Announcement!

Hello all,

In my last newsletter I mentioned to stay tuned for a big announcement... and here it is!

I am happy to say that I will be getting the opportunity to go back to Europe this year – AND will be making more art! This May & June, I will be going to Prague, Germany, Austria and England.

Last year I travelled to Europe for the very first time – I never thought I would get the opportunity to go back to so soon. My little sister is currently studying abroad in Prague so we get the chance to visit her after she finishes her program in early May. We will be traveling from Prague to places like Bavaria, Vienna and the Neuschwanstein Castle! 

After my travels with my family, I will get to join my dear friend Ruth in England. Ruth is one of the best and most successful young artists I know.  She will be staying in the city of Bath for a couple months and has invited me to join her for a few weeks. We are looking forward to adventuring and painting together throughout England.  To see some of Ruth’s artwork you can go to

I am so looking forward to seeing all of these magical places with my own eyes! I am also looking forward to the inspiration and paintings that are to come.

Speaking of which, I will be packing along my art supplies to paint en plein air and continue to create artwork in beautiful places around the world.

(This is me in Monet's Garden this last year)

(This is me in Monet's Garden this last year)

Just like last year, I am doing a pre-sale for these European paintings.

If you buy one of these pieces, you will be purchasing a painting that I will personally paint on-site in Europe – en plein air – and bring back home for you as your own personal little piece of Europe!

Below are the sizes & options available:

12  -  6”x6” watercolor paintings from each location on the trip ($250 each)

5  -   9”x12” oil paintings England only ($380 each)

Each (professionally framed) painting will be revealed for the first time at a Grand Reveal Art Show in October where each buyer will come and see their painting displayed for the first time, getting to take their painting home with them that night.**

This year’s Grand Reveal is sure to be a great show! 

I saw how traveling to Europe last year brought both great people & great art into my life. I am excited to see how that momentum of learning and growth will unfold this new year.

I am so thankful for everyone who has been and will be a part of this story of adventure, travel and art.

(Painting at the Colosseum in Rome)

(Painting at the Colosseum in Rome)

Alright everyone, sales are officially open starting today, February 9th through April 20th! 

There are less available than last year – so send me an email ( if interested & I will reserve your painting on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Looking forward to a new year of painting and travel!

(Painting  en plein air  in Tuscany in the fall of 2017)

(Painting en plein air in Tuscany in the fall of 2017)

**The creator of this brilliant and innovative way to travel/create new paintings in some of the most beautiful places on the earth, is Valerie Rogers. One year ago, she dreamed up this idea to sell future paintings to allow me to go to Europe. While I was there I painted some of my best paintings yet and then brought them home to their patrons at the Grand Reveal Show of 2017.  I would have never thought that this would have ever been possible... but it worked! I was amazed and honored by all of the support and excitement that Valerie was able to rally around us. 

Valerie is a pro traveler and a fantastic trip advisor. If you would like to get in contact with her you can visit her website at

Another BIG thank you to you Valerie for all you have done for me!!

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All the best,

Christine Joy